Currently obsessed with “Chickpea of the Sea” as it was cutely dubbed by someone, somewhere. Basically, sort of, a vegan/vegetarian tuna. Can of garbonza beans, as much chopped fresh celery as your little heart desires, some “creamy” bit like veganiase or my personal favorite, hummus - makes it beany and hearty and good, even some delicious mustard to add the bite of vinegar. Pair those plain beans (pre mixing it all up with the crunchy bits) with some lovely fork mashing skills - or if you’re fortunate enough a food processor- and some great spices - black pepper, red pepper flakes, oregano even, goes with everything, and you have yourself the perfect mix for a crunchy toasted pita pocket and overflowing with tomato slices sandwich. I’m sure many of my vegan followers have heard of this before, and I’m far from a food blog and this is far from a scientific recipe, but I had to share just in case. So if you haven’t eaten this, do; I’m positive you’ll love it. 

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